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7:50 p.m. Ten minutes till showtime (well, the showtime printed on the invite at least) and we’re still shivering outside in the cold in the industrial no man’s land that is the Westside. Amazingly, there are ladies standing among the ice drifts wearing strappy stilettos and no coats. #Fashion.

8:15 p.m. The guards pile a gaggle of us into an open square space with steel beams and flooring. It moves. “Oh my god, it’s an elevator!” someone marvels. #Fashion

8:30 Everyone here looks like she belongs on The Sarotorialist or Advanced Style (lots of blue-hairs with tall funky hats and platform boots). Those who deign to wear any kind of outerwear don’t put their arms in the sleeves.


8:40 The lights dim and out walks out a … course gray sack cinched with shoelaces? What? OK, things livening up a bit. The sacks morph into comfy wool robes and ponchos and the colors go from murky to vibrant, including brilliant blue, wine, gold, and purple. Satin shifts and knit dresses burst into a kaleidoscope of stripes, and of course there is Suno’s trademark high-level pattern-mixing. The line-up ends with shimmering gold brocades worthy of Gustav Klimt. Most drool-worthy, however, were the shoes: patent leather tasseled brogues in wine and brilliant blue.

The Scene
Fashion with a capital F. No reality show stars or even Hollywood celebrities here. Just the die-hards.

The Playlist
Something with strong beats and soothing vocals that sounds kind of like everything you hear at New York Fashion Week.

Major Trends
Raw edges, slouchy silhouettes, ponchos, brocade, brogues

What this will mean for your wardrobe
Get ready for some DIY projects with shoelaces.

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