The newest matchmaker: your salad. Credit: Getty Images The newest matchmaker: your salad. Credit: Getty Images


You had me at “romaine.”


This could be the sound of the dating scene as the New York City chain Just Salad has released its new dating app, SaladMatch.


Signing up is simple: You can download the app for free and connect through your Facebook account. Your Facebook profile picture is your SaladMatch picture. The only information you need to provide is salad preference, which location you frequent and what time. From there, SaladMatch finds other singles with similar tastes and lunch schedules.


Skeptical? Just Salad has actually been tossing salad lovers together for years, beginning with the launch ofSaladMatch.comin 2010. The app, however, is brand new. The goal is to connect busy young professionals who lead healthy lifestyles.


Similar to Tinder, users can click “yes” or “no” based on the profilesSaladMatch generates.

So balsamic or ranch? There could be a lot more riding on that decision than you think.