Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA 2014 this Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but she's known for more than just her great looks. Here are some facts you didn't learn from Sunday's competition:

2014 Miss USA Competition Nia Sanchez is crowned Miss USA 2014.
Credit: Getty Images

1. Sanchez is the first Miss USA winner from Nevada.Since the annual competition started in 1952, the 24-year-old is the first beauty queen to win from the state.


2.Don't get on her bad side.You won't want to mess withhershe has a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been training for 12 years, becoming a certified instructor when she was 15.

3. She was born in California and is a globe trotter.Sanchez was born and raised in Sacramento until she was seven years old. Afterwards, she lived in Washington and worked as a nanny at 18 in Europe. In 2009, Sanchez (who's half Hispanic), traveled to Mexico for several mission trips.

4. Once a princess, now a queen. Before winning Miss USA, Sanchez worked as several theme park characters at Hong Kong Disney, playing Belle, Snow White, Princess Aurora and Cinderella.

Sanchez as Disney princess Belle.  Credit: Nia Sanchez's Instagram profile Sanchez as Disney princess Belle.
Credit: Nia Sanchez's Instagram profile

5. She has an actor boyfriend. Sanchez is in a relationship with Daniel Booko, who has starred in shows like "iCarly," "The O.C.," "Desperate Housewives" and had a role in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."

Premiere Of Magnet's "Best Night Ever" - Red Carpet Bokoo and Sanchez at a movie premiere.
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