Twitter is a huge fashion and beauty resource. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Twitter is a huge fashion and beauty resource.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Whether your style is haute couture, normcore or somewhere in between, Twitter can be a great place to window shop, get advice, and stargaze.


1. Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine)
The Bible of Fashion (but not infallible -- nearly all of the people who replied to this post said no to a Birkenstock comeback).


2. GQ Fashion (@GQFashion)
GQ shows guys how to dress with class. We ladies get to look at sharp-dressed men. Win-win.

3. Refinery29 (@Refinery29)
This lifestyle blog, covering everything from beauty and fashion to health and decor, just won three Webby awards.

4. Go Fug Yourself (@FugGirls)
They may pay their stylists a lot of money, but celebrities sometimes make huge fashion mistakes. When they do, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks of GFY are there.

5. Scott Schuman (@Sartorialist)
Street style from New York to Milan -- real clothes for real people, and they wear them well.

6. (@Fashionista_com)
Not only style advice, but also the inside scoop on the fashion industry.

7. Michelle Phan (@MichellePhan)
Nearly 6.5 million YouTube users subscribe to Phan's channel which encourages everyone to play with makeup, even if we're not three years old anymore.

8. Garance Doré (@garancedore)
Doré brings a French flair to everything -- trés magnifique.

9. StyleCaster (@StyleCaster)
Where to score great deals, what celebs are wearing, and the best ways to get a new look.

10. Highsnobiety (@highsnobiety)
Focuses on streetwear, shoes, accessories and more (with a great Twitter name).

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