Does Chipotle deliver
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Waiting to order is the most annoying part of eating at Chipotle (well, that and deciding whether or not to get guac). The fast casual chain managed to remove that inconvenience with online ordering, but you still have to go to the restaurant. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your Sofritas or chips and queso delivered right to your door? Well, you can. Wait, does Chipotle deliver?

Yes, they do — at least in some locations.

Does Chipotle deliver?

Chipotle does deliver to customers around the country, but the chain isn’t hiring drivers to sling burritos around your city. Instead, the company partners with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates and Tapingo to streamline the process.

You don’t have to download another app to order, either.


How to order Chipotle delivery

It’s actually really easy to order Chipotle delivery. First, you have to find out the answer to "does Chipotle deliver in my city?" The answer is yes if one of the approved delivery services is in your city and serves your address (not all Chipotle locations participate in delivery).

Chipotle delivery through app

To order, you have to use the Chipotle app or website and select the "Start a Delivery Order" button. Then, go through the normal steps to order your meal — but you have to spend at least $20 to qualify for delivery. After all that, you’ll enter in your address and payment information. Your order total will include a delivery fee that varies depending on the service bringing you your order, but you’ll know before you submit the order — and you can cancel up until you pay for the food.

Then, all you have to do is wait. It’s really that easy and totally beats waiting in line behind that family of six all ordering different meals.

So there you have it — and the next time someone asks you "does Chipotle deliver?", you’ll have the answer.

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