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We’ll tell you from first-hand experience: caffeine addictions don’t take holidays. You don’t want to end your long weekend with a full-out migraine — especially when there are parades and cookouts on the line — so you don’t blame you if you have one question nagging at you: is Starbucks open on Memorial Day?

Sure, you can make coffee at home, but getting your sip from Starbucks is part of your daily routine. Your morning gets lost in the mire without it. Plus, now that the coffee chain has kicked off some delicious afternoon deals through the Starbucks Happy Hour program, you’re starting to appreciate a mid-afternoon joe. So, can you count on your habitual caffeine fix? Is Starbucks open on Memorial Day, or do you need to look elsewhere for your daily dose?

Is Starbucks open on Memorial Day?

Take a big sip of your coffee. So, is Starbucks open on Memorial Day? The caffeine gods smile upon you because, yes, the coffee giant will be open on Monday. It looks like you can expect shortened hours at most locations, however, so make sure to use their store lookup tool to find the nearest coffee shop and check their hours before you head out.

But what about other coffee shops? Where else can you rely on getting your ristresso or half-caff cappuccino on Memorial Day? We break it down.


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Are coffee shops open on Memorial Day?

Local coffee shops that aren’t part of a larger chain will likely be closed on Memorial Day, though Metro suggests calling to verify. If your closest chain coffee shop isn’t Starbucks, or you happy to prefer a different brew, these are the shops that are mostly open on Memorial Day to serve your caffeine needs: Caribou Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Coffee Beanery, Dunkin Donuts (are you getting ready for free donuts at Dunkin Donuts?), Krispy Kreme and Tim Hortons.

is dunkin donuts open on memorial day

You can also grab a coffee from 7-Eleven (we hope you’re using the app to score free snacks and coffee), Au Bon Pain, McDonald’s (McCafe, hello) and Panera Bread, which will also be open on Memorial Day.

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