McDonald's Szenchuan sauce release date
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Get ready Rick and Morty fans, because we finally know McDonald’s Szechuan sauce release date. The fast food giant has been promising a rerelease of the much-coveted McDonald’s Szechuan sauce since after a limited run didn’t go as far as planned for hungry Rick and Morty fans.

Back in October, some Rick and Morty fans endured extremely long lines — Metro found some mentions of four hour-long waits — that, in some cases, ended with them getting turned away empty handed.



The whole thing was a fiasco, and fans took to Twitter (and other social media platforms) to express their displeasure in posts that didn’t need any more fire from the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. To appease spurned fans, the company immediately announced plans to roll out another run of the “super-limited Szechuan,” but they were vague about the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce release date.

rick and morty mcdonald's szechuan sauce release date

They teased more McDonald's Szechuan sauce

The most detailed information we got was from a Twitter post on the company’s official page claiming that another run of the sought-after sauce was going to be back “this winter.” And then we waited for news about McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. And waited. And waited some more.



And then, suddenly, some hope.

A random reply from the company’s Twitter account to Andy J revealed that we really were finally going to get some answers, and a McDonald’s Szechuan sauce release date.



McDonald’s Szechuan sauce release date

Alright, Rick and Morty fans, get ready to mark your calendars because the official McDonald’s Szechuan sauce release date is Monday, February 26.



We’re hoping against hope that a replay of last October won’t happen, but just assume the lines will be long and the other fans hungry. Get to your nearest location early and be prepared to stand in line. When you finally get your hands on the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce...well, maybe don’t crack it open. This guy fetched $15,000 on eBay for a bottle of the stuff.

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