There’s good news for those getting their cuppas ready to take a big gulp of National Coffee Day on Saturday: Caffeinated drinks like that cup (or seven) of joe do count toward your daily fluid requirement.

And while you might take that as carte blanche to guzzle the biggest pot you can find on National Coffee Day, which falls on Sept. 29 every year, the Mayo Clinic gently reminds us that “water is probably your best bet to stay hydrated.”

With new coffee pods from Drinkfinity, you can get the best of both worlds — and skip waiting that morning line — by making your own iced Americanos.

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Released just in time for National Coffee Day, Drinkfinity’s coffee infusion pods come in Americano Charge and Cinnamon Americano Charge. Made from Columbian coffee, they contain two espresso shots packing 143 mgs of caffeine and are free of artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. (The cinnamon version is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf.)

"We are iced coffee enthusiasts here at Drinkfinity and just like many consumers, we were looking for new ways to make iced coffee quickly in the morning," said Hernan Marina, vice president of global business innovation. "Each coffee flavor was designed for consumers to prepare and customize with ease, while preserving the essence of the classic Americano."

National Coffee Day: Make a Drinkfinity Americano

Drinkfinity’s versions of the much-Instagrammed Americano, which is espresso diluted with water, is easy to make thanks to the company’s “peel, pop and shake” process.

Fill up the reusable BPA-free Drinkfinity Vessel with cold water and ice, peel off the pod sticker, pop it on the vessel and shake to blend the dry and liquid ingredients, which are chicory root extract and those aforementioned espresso shots, respectively. Add creamer and sweetener if you so desire and off you go.

Each Drinkfinity Americano four-Pod Pack (and Vessel) can be purchased at for $6.50. That works out to be $1.63 per beverage, so you can get your coffee fix, hydrate and maybe even save some money.

From Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, Drinkfinity is offering 50 percent off its Americano starter kit, which features a Vessel and a Pod Pack of each flavor, for $16.50. Consumers can visit and use the code “coffee” to redeem.

As an added bonus, Drinkfinity is also donating $1 from every U.S. sale this year to to help the organization provide safe water.

Drinkfinity customers can participate in its Loop recycling program, which enables customers to mail, for free, up to 30 used pods to the facility.

Metro tastes Drinkfinity Americano pods

With National Coffee Day Sept. 29, Drinkfinity brings its 'peel, pop and shake' process to your favorite morning drink, and we taste-tested it. (Nikki M. Mascali)

Who better to taste-test Drinkfinity’s new Americano pods than a group of caffeine-reliant journalists ahead of National Coffee Day?

This writer found the naturally sweet cinnamon Americano highly addictive with the jolt she needed to get through her afternoon slump.

That was another staffer’s favorite as well, though she said that “drinking a full bottle made me a little too jittery — and I was surprised because I've reached a point where caffeine doesn't affect me.”

Another said it’s “great if you need a wake-me-up and are a busy person. The process is real simple, anyone can do it.”

“As far as convenience, I haven’t found anything easier than popping a pod at my desk and shaking and drinking,” one staffer added. 

In addition to its new coffee pods, Drinkfinity offers 14 other flavors that will give a boost, help you chill, get your flow on or renew yourself thanks to ingredients like ginger, vitamin C and E, electrolytes, chia and more. Visit for more info. 

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