National Donut Day 2018
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National Donut Day 2018 is real. And if that didn't wake your Willy Wonka-like senses, apparently it happens twice a year — once on the first Friday in June, then on November 5. Aside from the dog lover’s dream job we told you about in April, we think we’ve found you the best deal yet (and yes, it's donut-related).

To celebrate National Donut Day 2018, Entenmann’s Bakery — which actually got its start in Brooklyn — is hosting a contest to find a "Chief Donut Officer." This coveted prize-winner will receive $5,000, Entenmann’s-branded gear (including a hooded sweatshirt, hat, coffee mug, tote bag, etc.) and a year’s supply of donuts (awarded in the form of a $364 pre-paid debit card, according to official rules).

"Our iconic, one-of-a-kind donuts have been a cornerstone for the brand for decades and have gained an extremely passionate following over the years," Jason Amar, Director of Marketing at Entenmann's, said in a news release statement. "Timed to our favorite holiday of the year — National Donut Day — we want to honor our biggest fans by officially welcoming one to our Entenmann's family."

It’s a dream job that doesn’t really require you to do much — that is, there’s really no "job" at all. It seems you'll just receive the title of Chief Donut Officer and some sweet prizes.


How to apply for this dream job inspired by National Donut Day 2018

Applicants must be U.S. residents and 18 years or older. To apply, fill out a form on the Entenmann’s website. It’s pretty straight forward and asks you for your name, phone number and email address. You'll also be asked questions to evaluate your love of Entenmann’s donuts.

For instance, there’s "How would you help spread the love of Entenmann’s Donuts if you became the honorary Chief Donut Officer?" There’s also, "How/where do you enjoy eating your favorite Entenmann’s Donut?"

These entries will be judged on originality, creativity and how well contestants demonstrate a "passion for Entenmann’s donuts." It all sounds very intense but equally as enticing, don’t you think?

Five finalists will be selected to submit videos about why they deserve the coveted title of Chief Donut Officer — and the public will then proceed to vote for their favorites.

The four finalists who are not selected as Chief Donut Officer will still receive $1,000 and free donuts for a year. 

Important dates to remember

The entry period started today, May 7, and lasts until June 30. Potential finalists will be notified by July 9.

Videos from five finalists will be posted by July 26 and people will able to vote until August 2. The winner will be announced on August 7, and the finalists will be notified of their prizes the day before.

Also, don’t forget that National Donut Day 2018 lands (very soon) on June 1, then again on November 5. So, even if you don’t become Entenmann’s Chief Donut Officer, we’re sure you’ll be able to find joy in America’s favorite holed confections somehow.

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