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New York is a city of give and take. Give your subway seat to a pregnant woman one day, but you’ve probably stolen a cab from someone else on another. When it comes to food, at least the inconvenience is balanced out by the seriously delicious New York foods available. Was waiting in line for that Cronut painful? Yes, but the pastry was also basically perfect, so you sucked it up.

Well, wait in line no more, hungry city dwellers. Now you can get some of your favorite New York foods delivered to your door, meaning no wait, no line, no hassle and no pants. Unless you have a doorman who signs for your packages, you don’t even need to set a foot outside your studio apartment. Sweet, right?

Introducing New York foods on

Sure, you’re no stranger to tech that enables slacking. After the Cronut incident you had someone from TaskRabbit get in line for you. You’ve even had Postmates deliver those Trader Joe’s snacks you were craving when you couldn’t bear the thought of waiting in line. But now you can get a wide array of New York foods — we’re betting they have at least a couple of your favorites — all in one place. Enter,

But wait, the “New York Favorites” page, only available to Manhattanites, doesn’t just stock New York foods. You can also restock your favorite organic Brooklyn Botany body scrub right after you add something sweet from Big Gay Ice Cream to your cart.


Some of the cult-favorite New York foods you’re bound to recognize in the site’s specialized catalogue include The Meatball Shop, MatchaBar and Tate’s Bakeshop. Choose between Big Gay Ice Cream and Van Leeuwen for sweet sundae fixins, Rise Brewing Co and Birch Coffee for your morning caffeine hit, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Peter Luger for your carnivorous cravings. Then throw in Junior’s cheesecake because even Obama carried a few out:

new york foods obama juniors cheesecake

You’ll also find household and personal care items from New York companies in this new section for simple shopping. Just add everything you need to the cart, select your shipping method and place your order. Spend $35, and you’ll get everything dropped off at your door for free. If an item you want has special shipping needs — like 2 day delivery or a cold pack — you’ll see that right below the image of each product rather than getting surprised with those details after checkout.

You’ll get everything you need for a true feast of New York foods, except you can do it without running multiple errands, interacting with humans or the subway and wearing pants. So, what are you waiting for?

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