What’s the difference between these pecan pie bars and our other Thanksgiving desserts? There’s no reason to feel bad about eating them all November long! After all, we never said they were specifically for a holiday.


Though these pecan pie bars perfectly capture the flavors of the traditional Thanksgiving pie, they’re way less formal than the Southern sweet. That means less work for you, bigger batches to feed the whole family and perfectly-portioned sweets that make for convenient snacking. That’s right! No fork is needed, so you can throw them in kids’ lunch boxes or your own office bag for a sweet Monday pick-me-up that’s sure to put you in the holiday spirit.


Pecan Pie Bars Classic


But a collection of just pecan pie bars, isn’t that boring? No way. We found ten different takes on the pie bars that celebrate the original flavors but give it a new spin so you look at the sweet in a whole new way. Which one will be your new favorite? Maybe the chocolate coconut pecan pie bars. After all, they’re sort of like pecan pie meets a compost cookie. Then again, maybe you’ll fall hard for the sweet and tangy pecan pie cheesecake bars. No one can resist those luscious ribbons of silky cheesecake, and combined with the caramelized nuttiness of pecan pie, turning one down is completely out of the question.


Those are just two of the delicious ten. You better start baking now even though Thanksgiving’s a month away so that you have plenty of time to try them all. After all, if you end up baking too many, you can just bring them to work for your colleagues. You’ll soon be the most popular person in the office, no doubt about it.

Click through the gallery above to see all the pecan pie bars.