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Just like holiday music ushers in winter, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL to devoted fans, welcomes fall. You probably know that this sweetly spiced drink was already rolled-out to celebrate the new season across the country, but you’re getting the opportunity to sip it and save some cash through Starbucks Happy Hour today. But that’s not the only drink you can get at a discount.

The coffee chain has been giving us reasons to celebrate almost every week, all summer long. Luckily, their beloved drink discount program is continuing through the fall. And while it’s almost unimaginable that there’s anyone out there who hasn’t tried a PSL, today is the perfect time to do it.

You will have to get your name on the list, though. But Starbucks, coffee brewer for so many of us, made sure that it’s open to everyone. They even offer two different ways to get your name on the list, and both of them take just a couple minutes each. We outlined how to do both of them in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour just in case you haven’t been hitting the drink discount days all summer long.

What you need to know about Starbucks Happy Hour today

But Starbucks Happy Hour today isn’t all about the PSL. Though we’d bet good money that most customers cashing in on this deal will order the fall favorite, there are other options. As long as you’re involved in the promotion, you can snag yourself BOGO espresso drinks today, as long as you stop by the store when happy hour is for Starbucks. (We’ll remind you again, it’s different from your other favorite watering hole.)


starbucks happy hour today psl

There are some limitations, of course. As always, you’ll need to grab a Grande or larger for the deal to apply and the discount isn’t valid on bottled drinks. But that does mean you can pick up drinks ranging from a classic cappuccino to an iced caramel macchiato and expect a free follow-up drink. Whether you share that with a friend or double down on the caffeine, well, that’s up to you — and the time you plan on going to bed.

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