Turkey gets all the attention. We say it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving side dishes.


Pick the right recipes and they’ll outshine that spotlight-stealing Butterball. There’s no reason to resign yourself to dull dinner rolls or a sad lettuce-based salad. Kick your family feast up a notch with these Thanksgiving side dishes that range from deliciously doughy rolls brushed with garlic-infused butter to a casserole that takes your ho-hum mashed potatoes and transforms them with, what else, plenty of cheese. They’re so delicious, in fact, that you might never refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day ever again.


But we’re not going to tell you to break entirely with tradition. We tracked down elevated version of classic dishes you know and need on your holiday table, from green bean casserole to sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce to creamed corn. Then there are some new Thanksgiving side dishes thrown in for good measure. Craft a custom holiday spread with a couple from each category.


Some of these sinfully delicious sides might also make you fall in love with flavors you’ve ignored every fall. Poor cranberries get the short end of the stick, ending up on most Thanksgiving tables as a tube of jiggling jelly that still features imprints from the can it was taken from. But this collection gives you a couple ideas for using the bright little berries in everything from seasonal slaw to a three-ingredient homemade sauce that’s nothing like the canned kind.


But adding new recipes to the menu doesn’t have to mean more work for you, the host. You won’t find any complicated cooking techniques in this collection, just good old homemade meals. Most of these recipes are quick, easy and boast an ingredient list short enough to make you give thanks.


Click through the gallery above to see all the drool-worthy Thanksgiving side dishes.