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There was a chilly silence in our inboxes last week as we waited to hear from Starbucks about their insanely popular happy hour deals. Although no news came, and we tried to carry on slightly less caffeinated, we have some better news this week. The coffee chain might have skipped last week, but that hasn’t stopped us from asking, when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week? This time, though, we have a date, so clear your calendar.

The weather seems to be slamming us as the summer comes to a close, but that’s just all the more reason to block off time on your schedule for this promotion. The bean brewer’s drink deals, in addition to being a delicious way to save money without giving up our beloved Joe, have become our favorite way to beat the heat.

Want to join us? Make sure you’re signed up for the program which, though not exclusive, does require your name to be on a list with the chain. There are two easy ways to make that happen, and each of them will only take a couple quick minutes. Easy right? We’ve made it even easier by breaking each of them down in our guide to getting involved in Starbucks Happy Hour. Go ahead and go read up and sign up now, we’ll wait. Then we’ll let you know when you can do that third and most important step: drink up at a discount.

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When is Starbucks Happy Hour this week?

So, when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week? The date you need to block off on your calendar to prevent a meeting coming between you and some Starbucks discounts is Thursday, August 16. Do what you need to do on that iCal, Google Cal and Outlook Cal to make it clear you’re not available. Then be sure to enjoy a couple minutes of caffeinated peace and quiet when the glorious day rolls around.

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