when is starbucks happy hour this week
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, er, week. For once, no, we’re not talking about Friday. Starbucks keeps giving us another day to look forward to in the march from Monday to Friday, in addition to keeping us caffeined. But when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week? We have the inside scoop, and we’re willing to share.

After all, Starbucks Happy Hour is all about sharing. It’s the perfect excuse to grab a coworker for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or a friend for a post-work catch-up session. We love our friends, we love our caffeine, but we also love saving a couple bucks where those two meet. We know you’re with us on this, which is why we already know you’re asking when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week? We’re getting to it, don’t worry.

Just make sure you’re signed up for the Starbucks Happy Hour deals. Although you do need to get on the list, everyone is welcome. There are two different ways to get involved, which both come with notifications so you never miss a drink discount, and each will only take you a couple minutes. We’ve outlined both step-by-step in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour.

When is Starbucks Happy Hour this week?

So, when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week? Courtesy of some sleuthing over the weekend and an email blast earlier this morning from the company, we now know that Starbucks Happy Hour this week will be on Thursday, July 26. Although the bean retailer doesn’t always offer their drink deals on a Thursday, it’s starting to look like their favorite day of the week. They’re successfully turning the weekday from Thursday into pre-Friday.


when is starbucks happy hour this week july 23

We know they’ve recently been offering a lot of Frappuccino deals, which makes it unlikely the frozen blended drinks will be the highlighted sip again this week, but keep your fingers crossed for it. There are flavored whipped creams on the menu for Frappuccinos now, making those Frapp discounts even sweeter than before.

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