when is starbucks happy hour this week
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We hate to break it to you, but the final stretch of summer is almost here. There are just a couple more short but glorious weeks until we’re back into the fall grind and the cold starts creeping in again. All the more reason to make sure you grab some friends for a post-work catch-up outside while the days are long and the weather’s nice. Luckily, your favorite go-to for coffee is making that easy. So, when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week?

We hope your nearest Starbucks location boasts an outdoor seating area so you can soak up your sun while you sip on some discounted drinks. Unlike your favorite watering hole, happy hour at Starbucks starts earlier and lasts longer, so there’s plenty of time to schedule a meet-up and save money. In fact, you can take them up on the deal whether you need some caffeine to get you through to the end of the work day or to gear up for a big night out (or in, if you can handle caffeine that well).

when is starbucks happy hour this week

Perhaps channeling your go-to cocktail bar, there is a list for Starbucks Happy Hour. Unlike that place slinging $12 drinks, there’s no fancy dress code at your favorite coffee chain, and it’s easy to get your name added to the list. You have two options for getting in on the drink deals each and every week, and they’ll each only take a couple of minutes to complete. We’ve broken them both down for you in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour so you can start cashing in this week.


When is Starbucks Happy Hour this week?

So, when is Starbucks Happy Hour this week, anyway? We know you probably already have weekend plans you’re looking forward to, but Starbucks is adding another thing to the calendar to help you get there. They’re putting a whole new spin on thirsty Thursday this week by offering their signature drink deals on August 2. Mark your calendars, send an invite to your friends and stick around to find out which delicious drink you’ll be sipping for a steal.

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