It’s that time again, folks. Come Saturday, a fleet of the best and brightest food truckers culled from Boston and New York City will set up camp on the Greenway and go head-to-head in this spring’s Food Truck Throwdown. Admission is free, and if last October’s star-studded bout was any indication, the chance to chow down en masse should by no means be missed.


“Both cities have some fantastic trucks,” says Mei Mei Street Kitchen co-founder Irene Li. “Not only do we get to eat each others' food, but we alsoget a little time to talk, compare notes and learn from one another.” [embedgallery id=143554]


The sibling-run Mei Mei Street Kitchen joins a roster of trucks armed to the teeth with talent — outdoor lunchers can count on appearances by favorites Bon Me, KickAss Cupcakes, Chubby Chickpea, and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, among others.


“The last Throwdown feels like it happened ages ago,” Li says. “We've put dozens of new items on the menu since then, so we really tried to look at all of our dishes and pick the ones that are the most streamline-able and the most delicious.”


“Plus, we started making bacon,” she adds. “Expect lots of bacon.”

Included in a judging panel packed with local culinary luminaries and enthusiasts is Jamie Bissonnette, chef and owner of Toro and Coppa.

“Eighteen trucks… daunting. I am afraid I'll miss something,” he says of the challenges that arise when faced with a Greenway littered with gourmet fare. “Judging this will be more about the cohesiveness of the foods, styles and overall flavor.”

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese founder James DiSabatino, the winner of last year’s Best Truck Design, is more than ready for the influx of meals on wheels. “The city didn't allow food trucks three years ago, and now we have trucks from other cities visiting. That's really cool in my book,” he says. “But, we still plan on kicking their a—es in the Throwdown.”

Last fall’s event fed more than 1,000 hungry city-dwellers, a wave that nearly brought the Roxy’s team to their knees. Not this year, DiSabatino assures. To boot, the grilled cheese experts will be offering a category dedicated to one event sponsor: Maker’s Mark. According to DiSabatino, “it’s going to knock some socks off.”

“It's a food revolution. It's changing the way people dine in urban areas,” he continues. “It had to happen.”

2013 Food Truck Throwdown
Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
The Greenway (between State and India streets), Boston
Free admission