A new, multi-million dollar restaurant is ready to take off Friday.

Created by a Chinese tycoon, the restaurant is located inside a retired Boeing 737, according to the Daily Mail. It reportedly cost Li Yang about $5 million to buy and repurpose the jet into an upscale Western-style eatery.

The restaurant, called “Lily Airways,” can accommodate 70 diners, while the original airplane held around 128 passengers, the Daily Mail reported. Yang bought the plane from Batavia Air, an Indonesian company, which went bankrupt in 2013.

Located in Wuhan city in central China, the restaurant sticks to its theme by having the same height standards for servers as airlines do for flight attendants.


Lily Airways is the first plane-converted restaurant in the country, according to China.org.cn, but it’s not the first in the world. Notably, in Africa, a DC-10 which was formerly used by the now bankrupt Ghana Airways was turned into a restaurant serving local cuisine.

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