Forget the beach — save money this summer by taking a ‘staycation’
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In a recent study conducted by home-remodeling experts Porch, they found that people save an average of $1,600 when they decide to take a staycation instead of booking an expensive trip to some remote exotic location. When you really think about it, by not having that financial burden added on top of both the stress you had before your trip and the stress that will be added from it — you might actually find that calming state of higher relaxation you’ve been dying for. Besides, just think about the things you could do in your city with a few days off from work and with that kind of money saved up? Here are some great ideas for your next staycation.

Save money this summer with these Staycation ideas


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Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

By not spending all of the money you would on travel and accomodations for an expensive vacation — you will have a have a bigger budget at your disposal on your staycation to really do it up like the “other half” do. Living in such a food-centric city,  It can be nearly impossible to get reservations at some of the most written about and critically acclaimed restaurants at time when regular people eat before the already booked reservations.



Beat the weekend rush

Have you ever wanted to go to a popular limited exhibit at a museum or to see a blockbuster movie without having to deal with the crowds that ascend upon these things on the weekends? Well, by having some time off to enjoy the city where you live you can experience these cultural events on your own time rather than along with the eager masses.  


Book a hotel room in a different part of town

If a change of scenery is something that you are absolutely craving, booking a room in a hotel in a different part of town could bring your staycation to the next level. By spending one or two nights just out of reach from your apartment you can still have that similar feeling of waking up somewhere else and to experience a completely different neighborhood. You can even take things further by booking a guided food tour — like the Chinatown food tour in Flushing, Queens — to really immerse yourself in your new surroundings.


Take some time for ‘self care’

When taking a vacation — or in this case, a staycation — you should probably ask yourself why you want to take time off from work in the first place? By taking a few days to focus on self care you can return back to your day job with a clear mind and a rejuvenated sense of purpose. Whether this is going for a long run, visiting a spa, signing up for an intense workout, or just catching up on all of the binge watching you’ve missed out on with your busy schedule, finding that inner peace is all that matters. That is why carving out the time to actually relax during your staycation can be just as rewarding as an expensive trip across the world.


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