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Fun family activity: Off-Broadway show for pre-teens

"The Love Note" is an off-Broadway musical your pre-teen won't roll his or her eyes at.

"The Love Note" premieres September 14. Credit: Provided "The Love Note" premieres September 14.
Credit: Provided

It can be hard to find activities in the city geared for pre-teens. Many family events are aimed at young kids that may cause your middle schooler to roll his or her eyes at, and other events are too grown-up for them to appreciate. Luckily, this fall, a new off-Broadway show is coming to the city, aimed just for pre-teens and teens.

"The Love Note" captures the awkwardness of adolescence with humor, wit and inspiration that you and your kids will enjoy. Anyone with a pre-teen knows that friendship is of paramount importance to them. This show captures the complexities of finding out who your true friends are.It also has a strong anti-bullying theme, teaching pre-teens how to stand up for themselves without stooping to a bully's level.


The musical premieres September 14 at the Actors Temple Theatre and will run through December 21. Tickets range from $24 to $39.50. To order tickets or to get more information, go to telecharge.com.

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