Walking With Dinosaurs "Walking With Dinosaurs" is one of the highlights at the film festival.
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The New York Children's International Film Festival is currently going on and if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you're going to want to get them before next Saturday, March 22. One of the film festival's biggest events is taking place: a special 3D showing of "Walking With Dinosaurs," which is coming out on DVD and Blue-ray March 25. The mix of live-action footage and computer animation give a really realistic look.

The "Walking With Dinosaurs" showing will take place at the IFC Center Theater, but events are also taking place at Village East Theater, Tribeca Cinemas, DGA Theater and Scholastic so you can choose a location closest to you and see what's going on. The festival is taking place until the end of the month showing a mix of 3D movies, animation, musicals and more made from filmmakers around the world. For more info, go togkids.tv/intheaters.cfm.


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