Young boy training karate. A couple boxing classes together will be quite the bonding experience.
Credit: Colourbox

Bonding with your kids over crafts and museum exhibits is fun and all, but if you're looking for something a little more exciting, you might want to consider signing up for boxing lessons. The 92nd Street Y recently teamed up with Gleason's Gym and is offering intro classes for both adults and kids.

The beginner series is being taught by Gleason's own Jackie Atkins, who is a National Golden Glove champion and a two-time Ringside world champion. Atkins' aim is to not only make the classes fun, but also to give a good workout to both parents and kids. She'll be teaching all the fancy footwork the best boxers use, and of course punching techniques, like the jab and power punch. The combination is sure to work your core as well as improve endurance, balance, agility and strength.


The classes are for adults and children ages 8-16 and start June 21. Click here to register.

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