Bill Gates knows the importance of education, even if he did drop out of Harvard University to start Microsoft. That’s why he’s promoting “Waiting for Superman,” Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim’s new documentary on the sorry state of U.S. public schools.

Speaking at a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie was shown, Gates said U.S. schools aren’t producing enough skilled workers for high-tech companies like Microsoft.

“It’s harder to find these people in the U.S. than you would expect,” said Gates, who also appears in the film. “If you look at the computer science department in the top (colleges), the majority of students are not U.S. born. That says something about our education system.”


Gates said the U.S. must improve the system to compete in the global economy.
“Jobs out there are more demanding,” he said. “We have less and less jobs that are attractive to dropouts.”

“We are failing millions of kids in America,” Guggenheim said. “The erosion of education has been going on for a long time. Incremental changes no longer can do it. We have to make fundamental changes.”

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