UniStrip Generic Blood Glucose Test Strips


Diabetics know what a pain it is to test their blood sugar on a daily basis — not only does that pin-pricking get annoying, but so does stocking up on test strips, which are often made specific to certain meters.


UniStrip Technologies has just launched the FDA-cleared UniStrip1T Test Strips that are compatible with LifeScan's One Touch Ultra, Ultra2, UltraMini and UltraSmart blood glucose meters. They're sold at Amazon.com for $10 (branded strips can often cost $20).


The new strips are designed to not only save cash — they could encourage reluctant test-takers to get back to their monitoring.


"Research shows that many people with diabetes fail to properly test their blood sugar levels because of the high cost of branded products," states Rick Admani, President of UniStrip Technologies, LLC. "We created UniStrip1T with a focus on the person with diabetes who wants to use quality products, but not at the high cost of the big brands."