Get help planning trips 24/7. Get help planning trips 24/7.

It can be exhausting to plan your next vacation. The good news is that your concierge is now just a click away:A new app called Conciergist aims to save you a lot of trouble.

"Conciergist can plan your trip, book your trip, and be a resource on your trip.‎" Zachary Martinez, CEO and founder of Conciergist says.It is basically like having a personal assistant in your pocket.


The app will let you text with a live agent who will give you personalized results based on your wishes. Flight availability, hotel bookings and restaurant reservations are among the details the travel agent can help you with.

You type in your requests and the travel agent will answer. If you don’t find the answer useful, you just ask for another option. They will keep them coming.

And you don’t have to be out travelling to ask Conciergist for help. If you don’t know where to eat tonight, just ask them. They probably have a good suggestion.

The app is free to both download and to use. Get it in the App Store or Google Play.

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