For those with a passion for alternative medicine and herbal remedies, a career as an acupuncturist may be rewarding.

But be forewarned: Although not as grueling as medical school, the education is extensive.?It’s two years of training and two years of a college-level educational program at an accredited school.

“School was long,” admits Gabriel Sher, a licensed acupuncturist and owner of the Sher Acupuncture Center in New York City. “It was a four-year program, year-round, where you learn a combination of Western and Eastern medicine. You learn about anatomy and physiology and then you learn about herbs and acupuncture.”

Herbs are an important part of the healing process, along with acupuncture. “I think herbs are really essential to being a good practitioner; it’s our pharmaceuticals. You’re very limited if you’re only doing acupuncture,” says Sher.

Once you've completed your education, the Board of Medicine or the Board of Osteopathic Medicine licenses acupuncturists in Pennsylvania.

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