The heart-shaped chignon hairstyle.  Credit: Provided The heart-shaped chignon hairstyle.
Credit: Provided

The sleek, heart-shaped chignon hairstyles of the models clad in Joseph Altuzarra's Spring 2015 collection at Fashion Week were created by the legendary stylist, Odile Gilbert, by using Kerastase Paris.We all want to have that fresh off-the-runway look as we motor around the city. Here's how:

1. While hair is still damp apply Keratine Thermique for heat protection- it prevents all those pesky, frizzy flyaways.


2. Next add Mousse Bouffante to your roots and, with a round brush, blow-dry to create texture.

3. One section at a time, spray your hair with Laque Noire and proceed to comb each individual section as tight as you can towards the back of your head.

4. Put your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck with the help of an elastic band.

5. Conceal the band by looping a few strands of hair around the base. Make sure you secure it with some bobby pins!

6. Pin a hair net to the base of your ponytail.

7. Starting at the tip of the ponytail, roll hair from underneath and wrap it around your hands- creating a loop. Envelope into the hair net.

8. Then pin the right and left sides of the loop next to either side of the ponytail base.

9. Finally add a tad more Laque Noire to ensure that your hair is secure.

Essential Tools:

Mousse Bouffante- a volumizing mousse that thickens strands for all-over volume.

Keratine Thermique- a smooth-taming milk that instantly calms frizz and protects hair fibers from humidity.

Laque Noire- an anti-humidity, super shield fixing hairspray that keeps styles in place without sticky residue or flaking.

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