Jericho has grown significantly in population and commerce since Sage Augello opened her boutique, Gold Coast Kids, 13 years ago. Back then, her store in the Birchwood Plaza shopping center at 455 North Broadway was near a deli, yogurt shop and Waldbaum’s — all in all, a good location, says Augello, 41.

Today, however, her neighbors include a Starbucks, a spa and a giant Whole Foods that attract even more foot traffic, she says.

“A lot of families are moving here, as many major stores, office buildings, and parks are not far away.”

“This is a pretty neighborhood,” says Elvira Quintero, 29, who lives on the border of Jericho and Hicksville. “It’s also pretty safe.” Quintero, a mother of three, says that Jericho has a good school district. She manages 16 Handles, a newly opened, self-serve, frozen-yogurt shop at 22 Jericho Turnpike, which attracts students from Westbury and Jericho high schools in addition to adults who stop by after shopping at Kohl’s.

The apple of Jericho’s eye

Take a break at Jericho Cider Mill (73 Route 106, 516-433-3360). Apples, which are sourced from the Hudson Valley, have been pressed on-site for nearly a century, says Deborah Zulkofske, whose father George owns the mill. You can also buy whole apples, pies and other goodies at the store, which is open from September through May.

Also in Jericho

» Jericho’s Valentine’s Day celebration will run Feb. 11-14 at the historic Milleridge Inn, 585 N. Broadway. The restaurant will host a DJ and dancing on Feb. 14. While there, check out the Colonial Bread & Jam Shop and other themed cottages at Milleridge Village, adjacent to the eatery.

» Score one for love at the Jericho-Westbury Indoor Tennis Center, 44 Jericho Turnpike, next door to 16 Handles yogurt shop. 516-997-4060.

»Do some heavy lifting at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, 235 C Robbins Lane, in nearby Syosset. Many notable bodybuilders are said to frequent the gym.

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