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Fans of Jamie Dornan – cast as Christian Grey – hope to see him shirtless for most of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, but his outfits also giveaway a great deal about his character.

“He starts with a grey suit which gives him a protective formality and as he falls in love with Anastasia Steele, we see him soften and become a regular guy — granted he is in a Bottega Veneta windbreaker — but he becomes a little more down to earth. His wardrobe is echoing from the outside what is happening on the inside,” explains the film’s costume designer Mark Bridges.
The Oscar-winner continues: “His clothes reveal that he likes fine things and has the ability and the money to pay for them. Even his t-shirts are Swiss cotton — he has become accustomed to having the most comfortable and luxurious stuff.” To give the impression of timeless quality, Bridges chose one-button suits with a single breasted peak lapel. “It’s in the vernacular of suit making but you don’t see it very often — it’s usually reserved for private tailoring. There are two signals from the earlier days of menswear, so I tried to revive some classic details, while still having very natural shoulders, slim sleeves and contemporary pants,” he says.
Bridges, who is nominated at this year’s Academy Awards for Best Costume Design for his work on “Inherent Vice”, reveals he had some famous people in mind to help him create Christian Grey’s style: “I looked at some sports figures… young stylish men like David Beckham and David Gandy who show up on best-dressed lists. These guys have access to all the best clothes and always look like a million bucks! But they still look masculine and effortless; it’s never foppish or overdone — they just know how to rock it.”
The racy book trilogy reportedly had an impact on sex toy sales, but Bridges hopes Grey’s sense of style could also have consequences on men’s wardrobes. “I think there is this burgeoning attention to tailoring at the moment: I’ve been impressed lately at some functions I have been to in Hollywood where young men, who aren’t stars, make their best effort to look really good. And maybe Christian Grey will push that further and encourage people to look even more immaculate and a little less frumpy.”
Grey might go for Charvet neckties, a Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket, Ralph Lauren boots and Malo cashmere, but Bridges points out that the key element to Grey’s style has nothing to do with famous brands. “I’ve had a lot of women come up to me asking, ‘How can I make my boyfriend look like Christian Grey?’ and I was like ‘Hmm… get him a tailor’,” he chuckles.
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