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Beginning today, coconut milk is making the leap from health food stores to the big time: Starbucks.

But it's not going to be the stuff off grocery store shelves; Starbucks will serve its own Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk. It's certified vegan and made from coconuts that have been sunning themselves on the island of Sumatra – maybe that detail will help warm you as you try to sip your latte with shaking fingers while waiting for a train that may never come.

Coconut milk will set you back an additional 60 cents a drink, same as soy milk.Christine Barone, vice president of brewed espresso, recommends trying it in an iced vanilla latte (maybe she's still shaking down those coconut palms in Sumatra).

The chain's employees tested the coconut milk concept last year, and the company said it received over 84,000 votes to make the option available in stores through the website


Coconut milk will add to the 170,000 already available ways to make a Starbucks drink, so next time maybe go easy on the guy in front of you who doesn't have a regular order yet.

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