Getting students out into the real world



Colleges and universities have long been criticized for focusing on the theoretical rather than the community around them. One Ivy League university is trying to change that.


Cornell University has just unveiled its “Engaged Cornell” program, which encourages students to apply the lessons they learn in class to work that they do both in the United States and abroad. A student studying public health initiatives, for example, will have the opportunity to travel to Asia to see how doctors there work.


“A goal of the initiative is to empower Cornell students to become active citizens and to tackle critical challenges,” the university said in a statement.


Engaged Cornell was launched earlier this month with a $50 million gift from the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust. The decade-long initiative hopes to encourage students to tailor their projects to their personal studies and interests.

Becoming a global citizen

Cornell is just the latest elite school to encourage students to interact more with the world. In recent years, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Tulane and Stanford have all created similar initiatives.
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