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Gifta provides reminders, gift ideas for any budget

Terrible at finding gifts? Let Gifta, a free web service, come to the rescue with gift ideas within your budget.

gift generator You can click through a carousel of gift options for your desired recipient.
Credit: Gifta

Terrible at finding gifts? Let Gifta, a free web service, come to the rescue.

Gifta, which launched Tuesday, lets users navigate the tough world of Valentine's Day gifts for your boo or a birthday present for your little cousin.


First, you put in the recipient's name, gender and age, your relationship with that person, his or her interests (home, jewelry, male grooming, cars and football are a few) and the occasion. After that, you get to choose what your budget is and click through the gift suggestions from Gifta. The website can also save your friends' birthdays and other special occasion dates to a personal calendar.

I took Gifta out for a test spin, putting in the details of a friend of mine with an upcoming birthday. I selected several of her interests and chose a variety of categories, including art, gadgets, fancy, fashionista and food. Gifta gave me about a dozen options within my budget, and I thought about half of them were good ideas, including a stylish iPhone case and a cool ring that looks like a serpent. The scale, though? I don't know if I'll get that for her.

Savvy samurai shoppers may not find Gifta particularly useful, but it is a great tool for shoppers who are clueless when it comes to gift-giving. By the way — Mother's Day is just around the corner.

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