Even if you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job this past year, you know it’s been rough. Most workers have been faced with taking on double the work with no pay raise, work furloughs, and all the while working under the constant threat of imminent layoffs. Despite this low office morale, career coach and author of “Three Powerful Ways to Overcome Challenges in Work and Life” Noah Blumenthal says we should always show our gratitude.


“The amazing thing about gratitude is that when you express gratitude for someone else, it changes your mood, it changes your attitude,”?he says.


According to Blumenthal, when an employee believes their boss is grateful for their work, their self-esteem skyrockets. This improved sense of worth can lead to greater productivity and happiness, which then benefits the company. And although November might be the most obvious month to say thanks, Blumenthal advises showing appreciation every day: “This is an action that never goes out of style; it never loses its power or impact.”