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Don’t let the quickly-coming holidays scare you: we’ve got some great gift ideas for the 50-year-olds in your life!


1. Rebel Rocky Road


It’s probably safe to say that most 50-year-olds are a little more disciplined than the college student who eats an entire pint of Rocky Road ice cream in one sitting (not that we would know anything about that, right?). That doesn’t mean, though, that they shouldn’t get to indulge! This box comes with nine rocky road clusters that are both sophisticated and indulgent: the perfect combination!


Price: $16.95, can be purchased here.


2. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit


This one’s pricey, but it’s a good idea for a joint gift—like, say, for your parents. This age your own whiskey kit is basically exactly what it sounds like. It comes with absolutely everything someone would need to make their own personal brand of whiskey.

Price: $150, can be purchased here.

3. Plantable Comic Books

We think entertainment is ageless: this gift will allow the 50-year-old in your life to revisit the time when comic books were their main entertainment. Or, if that was never really their thing, it’s never too late to develop a new hobby! What’s great about these is that each book comes with its own packet of herbs to plant. Fun and good for the environment—it really is a win-win.

Price: $9.50, can be purchased here.

4. Scratch Map

If the 50-year-old in your life is (or wants to be) a big traveler, this gift is the best! The idea is that you scratch off the map as you travel to the places on it, leading to perhaps the coolest interactive decoration ever.

Price: $20.00, can be purchased here.

5. The Body Shop Gift Set

For the loved one who’s earned a nice, luxurious pamper session, this Mango gift set from The Body Shop is perfect. Comprising everything from shower gel to body butter, this set is an amazing option.

Price: $15 for a limited time (usually $25.00), can be purchased here.