The Spice Lab

1. Full Miniature Tool Kit


Your 30s are when a lot of people finally have their crap together (or, at least, can successfully pretend to). Any independent, do-it-yourself 30-year-old needs their own tool kit. This option from IKEA is inexpensive, cute, and economical—a perfect combination.


Price: $7.99, can be purchased here.


Salts of the World


We have to say: this gift is pretty awesome. For those who take pride in their adventurousness with food, get this set of six test tubes filled with salt from all over the world. The options include pink salts from Pakistan and flaky black salt from Cyprus.


Price: $40.00, can be purchased here.

Cocktails: How to Mix Them

Throughout your 30s, you’ll learn to really hone in your hosting skills, be it at sophisticated dinner parties or college-style ragers. For any occasion, knowing how to make a good cocktail is a must. This stylish, all-inclusive book will have you covered.

Price: $21.99, can be purchased here.

Scrabble Coasters

People in their 30s have it great: it’s the time in someone’s life where they really begin to perfect the balance between practicality, fun, and elegance. These coasters do that too: they’re utilitarian (will prevent your actually-nice-non-IKEA furniture from getting ruined), elegant and understated, and really cool!

Price: $19.99, can be purchased here.

DIY Tea Bags

If you’re into a really personalized idea that won’t at all break the bank, try this idea: make a one-of-a-kind tea combination for the 30-year-olds in your life!

Price: will range depending on the kinds of seasonings you decide on, but instructions can be found here.