In Hell’s Kitchen, the two eight-story towers making up Griffin Court are turning out a highly cultured caliber of amenity space.

The property has already enjoyed artistic praises thanks to the community-targeted initiative that gave artists a chance to have their work displayed on the condo’s two massive, blank exterior walls. The mural contest, which Brooklyn-based artist Corinne Ulmann won, paved the way for more in-condo art: Griffin Court is now preparing for the emergence of a sculpture garden, set to debut in the spring. A PR representative for the development reveals that the idea is to make Griffin Court something of a cultural institution. Their plan is to install sculptures within the 8,700-square-foot, two-level brick- and stone-paved courtyard. The vision is that residents and their friends will attend a calendar of high-art events within the space.

Griffin Court currently has a penthouse for sale. The unit is over 1,800 square feet with a nearly 1,400-square-foot terrace. The listing price is $3,281,000 ( for info).

–Shira Levine is a freelance writer living in New York City.

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