It's such a simple idea, but one that can take the ordinary into the realms of truly individual. One year ago, Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick, who had worked together in the interior design field, launched Beverly-based O'verlays by Danika & Cheryle LLC, which sells a range of decorative fretwork that turns the plain into pretty spectacular. For Rhuda and Herrick, it was a case of necessity being the mother of one very fun invention.


"We got the idea when we were working on a project for a customer and we wanted to transform an IKEA cabinet," says Rhuda. "We found some fretwork panels at a flea market and it turned out great. Then when we wanted to do it again for another project, we couldn't find any panels anywhere."


So, they developed polyvinyl, paintable, readymade overlays in different styles and decided to offer a bespoke service too. Pricing starts at $10 per panel and they're applied with glue or Liquid Nails. Customers include artisans and artists, DIYers and designers.


"Event planners use us to create customized decorations, such as wedding banners that include the couples initials. We've worked with hotels to dress up hallways. We've worked with a few architects and LOTS of interior designers," she stresses.


Rhuda and Herrick hope to grow the company to work with big organizations and are already collaborating with Charlotte, NC-based MirrorMate, which makes custom frames for plate glass mirrors. And if IKEA comes calling?


"Oh, we'd love to work with IKEA," says Rhuda. "It's a great match for us."

A date with IKEA

O'verlays work as wainscoting, crown molding and framing. They can add interest to everything from windows to walls to cabinets to tables. True to the original creative spark, O'verlays are compatible with IKEA pieces. "Rather than buy new," says Rhuda, "kids are taking their college furniture with them and turning it into adult pieces."