The Empire State Building was lit up in purple for National Bullying Prevention MonthFilmMagic

The bully business | The Atlantic

The cottage industry of filmmakers, politicians, lobbyists, authors and marketers that has sprung up around the issue of bullying does nothing to address its root cause: the fundamental flaws with how children are treated in schools.

Why Cambodians never get ‘depressed’ | NPR

“Culture affects how people understand and express mental disorders. So psychiatrists around the world are working to figure out what these differences are and develop treatments that work for each culture.”

Lonely ants die young and hungry | ABC Science

What happens when ants get lonely? They're unable to digest their food properly and walk themselves to an early death. The scientists say their results show that ants simply don't know how to behave when alone.


The rise of the teenage breast reduction | The Atlantic

Doctors are seeing more young women for breast-reduction surgeries, but that doesn’t mean research and insurance companies have kept pace. Jaclyn Voran details her own procedure nine years ago, and how it changes the lives of your women who undergo the procedure.

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