Because of her fame and millions of devoted fans, Heidi Montag needs security guards. And yet, she can no longer afford the hefty bill of personal security. So what is a sad, former reality TV star to do? Why, train herself in martial arts, of course.

“I have had to change my life. I can’t afford to go out to the clubs anymore because the sort of protection I need can cost anywhere from $5 thousand to $10 thousand a night,” Montag tells “That is actually where all my money went, because safety is No. 1,” she says.

Montag tells the site she’s been training for six months and hopes she’ll be back out at the clubs soon. “It is scary to be out there without protection. People do follow me and you can never be too careful,” she says.

A bit of advice for you, Heidi:?Just be sure to never divorce Spencer Pratt. He’s all the people-repellent a gal needs.