High Times launches marijuana-inspired fashion line

The stoner collection has a political message.

In today’s very chill news, High Times Magazine has released a new clothing line that aims to “defy gravity and the Trump administration.”


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The Spring 2017 collection, called Light it Up! Rebel, is pitched as a direct “middle finger” to the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who in addition to being anti-immigrationand anti-civil rightsis also anti-marijuana legalization. Just today, Sessions revealed his ignorance of the nation’s opioid epidemic when he said that marijuana is only “slightly less awful” than heroin.


The accompanying fashion shoot captures a crew of young stoners clad in bomber jackets emblazoned with the High Times logo and THC hoodies, rolling blunts, lighting up and hanging out at Coleman Skate Park under the Manhattan bridge. “In the same way that the Women’s March have their signature pink pussy hats, the Cannabis movement has ‘Love Your Dealer’ gear and ‘Adults Only’ patches,” reads the press release.


They’re calling it “wearable protest” fashion for the youngs today vying for the legalization of marjiuana, with a nod to the ‘60s era “Yippie” movement of young, counter-culture radicals. Sure, looking the part is half the battle, although we'd more convinced if there were actual protests and actions invoked beyond the posturing.