It can be tricky going from living on your own to shacking up with a significant other. Alone, you have the freedom to decorate your home however you want. But chances are, your partner might not be feeling a floral bedspread or pink shower curtain. Here, we round up some vibrant pieces that are packed with personality that will make you both feel right at home.

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New bedding is symbolic of starting a whole new chapter. $39-$69, West Elm


This wall hanging is a cute, non-cheesy way to display couple-y photos you have, and you can keep adding more as you create more memories. $29, Urban Outfitters

It’s totally possible to have heart accents without making your living room look frilly. Black, white and gold is bold, not cutesy. $20,

Popcorn bowls make a night watching Netflix together even more special. $34.95,

This simple wall art subtly shows you and your bae are all about the love. $4.99,

There will be twice as many electronics in your home now, so a charging station is a must. $35,

Keep the peace with a colorful shower curtain you can pull closed when someone forgets to clean the tub. $31.99,

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