A hologram instructor gets cycling. Credit: Holografit A hologram instructor gets cycling.
Credit: HolograFit

A holographic Tupac Shakur that raps his hits? That's so 2012. The next wave in hologram technology will have group fitness classes withholographic instructors — if HolograFit has anything to do with it, that is.

On Friday, the company announced that it's unveiling the world's first group fitness program with life-sized holograms for instructors. The effects were done by EffectDesign in California, which is also responsible for special effects for Disney, Ford, the Smithsonian and "The Lion King" on Broadway.


The system isn't for individual use but rather entrepreneurs — think gym owners who want to expand their class options without adding another salaried employee. The hologram system knows 75 group classes, — including yoga, boot camp, even cycling — and subscribers pay a monthly fee to keep up with new ones being offered.

Gym owners, if you're interested, start saving now: The new program costs $79,900.

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