Plant Lovahs
The holidays are as good a time as any to gift plants and plant accessories. Getty

Being into plants is very in this year. And it's easy to see why: not only are plants good for you, but they make your surroundings look good, too. Still, when it comes to keeping green things, well, green, some of us are better than others.

Here are nine perfect gifts for plant lovers — from the ones with Instagram worthy, flourishing indoor gardens to the ones that kill everything they touch. No judgement!

Crown Print
This poster, by Instagram famous plant aficionado Hilton Carter, comes with a generous helping of street cred. Also it is very pretty.

Cut Glass Plant Mister
Misting might be a mystery to you — but your plant loving friend with a humidity loving Birds Nest Fern will thank you for this vintage inspired glass mister.

Best Fronds Enamel Pin Set
What’s better than a set of BFF necklaces? A set of Best Fronds Enamel pins — one for you, one for your favorite plant kween.

Polished Watering Can
This chic, minimal watering can adds a little oomph to an indoor garden and screams, “I take my houseplants very seriously!”


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Eric Trine Octahedron Ring Planter
Perfect for the design fiend in your life, this wire planter gives a regular old pot an instant upgrade.

Peace Sign Self-Watering Plant Stake
Have a friend who’s always gone on the weekends? This very cool self-watering stake will keep plant baes in tip-top shape for up to three days.

Saikai Garden Scissors
First of all, these are beautiful. Second of all, they’re great for delicate pruning — perfect for the pal with an herb garden.


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Neon Pothos
The pothos is a low-maintenance, easy to care for plant that goes with everything. Plus, hello! It’s neon and therefore impossible to resist.

Green Decorative Cactus Figure
Know someone who loves plants but can’t keep them alive? This decorative figure looks good and doesn’t require sunlight or water.

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