The Benjamin
Check out the luxurious new apartments at The Benjamin. Photo by Mark Flannery

For those looking to join the surge of new tenants in Boston's thriving Seaport District, the nearly finished VIA and brand new The Benjamin offer the finest in modern, upscale apartment living.

The pair of 20-story towers, encased in hybrids of glass and metal for breathtaking sea views, will feature over 832 luxury units where two drab parking lots stood just over four years ago.

“We wanted to shape the experience of these buildings but also this area,” says senior vice president of Berkshire Group Heather Boujoulian. “Everything is booming and the residents love being here at the center of the city.”

While both towers are built off “a high performance, state of the art enclosure,” there are a variety of differences which set apart The Benjamin and VIA according to project manager Peter Zmuidzinas of Elkus Manfredi Architects. In essence, The Benjamin is marketed towards the “urban sophisticate” who values serenity and the crème de la crème of amenities, while VIA is a bit flashier and was designed to fit the tastes of a younger resident.


“VIA is still about timelessness, but has some more fun elements like bolder colors and many smaller apartments with collaborative areas,” says Boujoulian.

Named “Fusion,” these micro-studios at VIA average at 400 square feet and are by far the most affordable option across either building with monthly rent starting around $2,000. Each unit includes standard luxury amenities at a smaller footprint for individuals who tend to spend more time around the city than at home.

Fusion tenants, as well as all of those living at VIA, will have access to a series of sweeping decks providing outdoor space across several stories of the building. Meanwhile, those fond of attention to detail should note the separation between “luxury” and “premium” floors at The Benjamin. The 17th floor and higher include special perks such as glass backsplashes and private elevators to push the grandeur even higher.

The expansive complex, located just past the Seaport Boulevard bridge, will also invite residents and the public into a 250,000-square-foot retail space enclosed in the first three stories of each building. Todd Norley of WS Development notes that “[the Seaport] is an ecosystem for some of Boston’s best workers and thought leaders. And while many more are choosing to live here, there’s a huge void of retail space -- until now.” LL Bean, Equinox, Cafe Nero, Tuscan Kitchen as well as a new bar and club named Scorpion are a just a few of the names to expect in the lineup.

The top notch facilities and optimal location of The Benjamin and VIA have certainly not gone unnoticed, as leasing “is going extremely well” according to Boujoulian, with “contracts into the double-digits being signed each week since opening.” All available apartments at The Benjamin can be toured now and the VIA will be opening in three waves through November.

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