Flavor Paper x Andy Warhol = fine art on your wall. Photo: Facebook

In a rut? Adding a fresh coat of paint — or opting for a brand new color — is always a good way to liven up any space and, by extension, clear the cobwebs from your head. But what about experimenting with wallpaper? It’s less messy and time-consuming, and you get to add a pattern instead of just a color. From removable swaths you roll on yourself to brighten up a small space, to large murals that transform an entire room, here are three wallpaper companies where you can find prints and patterns that tickle your fancy.

Flavor Paper 

This Brooklyn-based company creates both digital and screen printed wallpapers, with over 150 designs to choose from. You can custom design your own, or select from categories like “floral,” “geometric,” and “funky.” If you’re filling a big space, opt for a mural, which starts at 80 square feet minimum. If you’re looking for something less permanent, EZ Papes might be more your speed. They come with a water activated paste so all you have to do is dip the prints in water and roll it on the wall. (They’re water strippable for easy removal). Don’t miss the Andy Warhol x Flavor Paper collab. And there’s even scratch ‘n sniff, people. 

Jumanjii on Etsy

Etsy is a great resource for independently-designed and affordable wallpaper. We like the shop Jumanjii, which boasts bright and colorful ”jungle-themed” nature prints like banana leaves, blooming cactus and coconuts. It’s all removable and self-adhesive — peel ‘n stick — so you can take it down at any time. Sizing starts at 20 by 48 inches ($37), if you want to add a swath of color to a small space. You even have the option or ordering washable wallpaper. 


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Philly-based design studio Nottene specializes in hand-drawn screen-printed papers, which look more like illustrations than prints. From gold-inked constellations to a rendering of different-style homes done in ballpoint pen, the work is subtle and varied. You can request a custom design as well. Available to order as a sample, (8 by 10 inches, $6), print (18 by 24 inches, $50) or by the roll (27 inches by 15 feet, $175). 

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