Tip: A layered bed with lots of pillows and an extra quilt can take care of all yoiStock

There’s nothing easy, per se, about hosting Thanksgiving dinner. There are bathrooms to scrub, schedules to work around, gluten intolerances to indulge. But here’s the thing: You make dinner all year, and you know how this works by now. Put out a cheesy appetizer and don’t skimp on the booze, and things will be perfectly fine, Pinterest tablescape or no Pinterest tablescape. Promise. Overnight guests, however, can be a little trickier. After all, when was the last time your guest room was used for actual guests? (Racks of shoes don’t count.) For that, we called in Karin Sun, co-founder of online home goods company Crane & Canopy, for a little expert advice.


Go big on the bed


You know how great it is to get into a posh hotel bed after a long day of traveling? Treat your guests to the same experience. “Start with luxurious sheets, layer on a duvet cover with a cozy and fluffy comforter and then add a quilt or coverlet at the foot of the bed,” says Sun. “Quilts are a new obsession of mine. They are perfect in case your guests get chilly and need that extra layer.” As for the pillows, more is more. “Use a mix of Euro, standard and small designer throw pillows,” she says. “I also like to give guests a few different sleeping pillow options since waking up with a kink in one’s neck is never fun.”


Stay one step ahead


Your guests can’t call down to the front desk, so Sun recommends leaving a note with some essential info and personalizing shoutouts. “Include things like the login to your wireless Internet, directions to a tricky remote, the location of the hair dryeror iron,” she says. “Or, if you know they have a sweet tooth, directions to your favorite local pastry or coffee shop.” As for toothpaste, assume they forgot to pack it along with some other necessities. “One of my favorite things to do is to provide a ‘help yourself’ basket,” she says. “Leave basic toiletries, a flashlight, hair dryer, desk supplies and their favorite snacks.”


Give them a little space

If your guests are staying the entire weekend, don’t make them spend it digging through their suitcases. “Clear out a drawer, make space in the closet and leave empty hangers for them to put away their clothes and belongings,” says Sun. “If space permits, set up a comfortable chair and create a personal library of newspapers, recent magazines and popular books. This gives your guests a place to relax and get away from the holiday stress.”