Follow these tips to cut your charge time in half. Credit: iStock

Nothing ruins a busy day quite like a dead phone, so file this iPhone trick under “need to know.”

We know you have an extra iPhone cord stashed in your bag, office drawer and car, but that’s only half of the equation. Even if you remember to plug the thing in before it dies, chances are your phone takes more time to charge than you have between meetings. Break out of the endless loop of having a semicharged cell with these beyond-easy tricks for getting a full battery in a flash.

You only need to memorize three steps to “super charging” your phone, which Business Insider claims can charge your phone at least twice as fast as your current method.

Put your phone on airplane mode


It’s easy to forget about this setting if you’re not a frequent flyer, but it should be your go-to for on-the-ground charging, too. Turning this setting on will block any activity on your phone pulling from the phone’s battery power, like receiving those pesky push notifications, searching for a wifi signal, connecting to Bluetooth devices, and making and receiving calls, emails or text messages. Being a couple minutes late to that group text is well worth the battery life turbocharge, trust us.

Use an iPad wall charger

Yes, even for an iPhone. This type of charger is capable of sending more amps of power (electricity per second) to your iPhone than the wall plug-in designed for it, according to Business Insider. When you’re fighting against an overbooked schedule and an undercharged phone, every extra second counts. Side note: This type of charger is over 400 percent more powerful than that USB cable you’re using while at work and over 200 percent more powerful than the iPhone charger. Models iPhone 6 and up are capable of handling 2.1 amps while charging, which is what the iPad wall charger delivers.

Leave your phone alone while it charges

The more you turn the screen on, the more battery you use, increasing the charging time — so hands off already! Business Insider was able to charge an iPhone 6 twice as fast using this method as using an iPhone wall charger. It took just five minutes to get the phone from 0 to 10 perceent battery, whereas the wall charger Apple sells you with your phone only took the tech from 0 to 5 percent in the same amount of time.

Although your results will vary depending on the state and age of your phone battery, you’ll save almost an hour charging your phone from zero to full battery using these three steps if everything is working properly. If you’ve been using that USB cable, though, you stand to save even more time.

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