I’ve been getting a lot of mail from readers who are stressed out about not being able to find their passion. And granted, passion is one of those abstract things that’s difficult to pin down.


I recommend taking an hour or two in a quiet place and defining your personal passion. Remember that the point is to identify what you love doing, where your energy comes from and why.


After you’ve done some legwork, pretend that getting a passion-oriented job or infusing passion into your current job is a school project. Imagine that you’re being graded on how well you master the subject of your passion, and that you have to present to an instructor and class a realistic plan for incorporating it into your career. Start by devising short- and long-term goals, timelines and deadlines so that finding and living your passion becomes a definite outcome instead of a theoretical consideration.

– Alexandra Levit is the author of “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business World,” and a nationally recognized authority on workplace issues facing young employees.


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