Make your vacation an active one. Credit: Metro File Make your vacation an active one.
Credit: Metro File

Souvenirs aren’t the only extra baggage people often bring home from summer vacations. What with all the eating and drinking, and lazing on the beach or by the pool, the hard work getting into shape for the beach can be easily undone. We asked Peter Lavelle, founder of and trainer at Ultimate Bootcamp, New England's largest outdoor fitness organization, for tips on arriving home flab-free.

Pack sneakers!


"If you’re in flip-flops, you’re far less likely to keep moving throughout the day," he says. “Wear sneakers, which allow you to sightsee and move from place to place without your legs and feet becoming tired quickly."

Don't just lie there

“It’s easy to see vacation as laying on a beach," Lavelle says. "There’s no reason it shouldn’t be, but you can earn that beach time by going on some excursions. The more active the excursion, the better. Kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking are all great ways to stay active. Rent a couple of bikes and see where it takes you. While you’re out there having a blast, you’ll be burning the calories too.”

Pack an exercise band

“You’ll be more likely to do some muscle-sculpting in your hotel room," he says. "Do some exercises before breakfast or while waiting for the shower. If you don't own a resistance tubing band, buy one that comes with a chart of exercises.”

Stay slim, stay cool

If you're in a warmer climate, "beat the heat by choosing cold menu items," Lavelle says. "Salads and other cold dishes are less likely to be fried and more likely to get you your daily fiber dose.”

Water up

“Staying hydrated, especially in sunny spots, is imperative. Chugging extra water isn’t just good for your health, it will also make you feel fuller, longer.”

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