Blowout Follow these tips and you can get DreamDry's Stevie style (left) or Drybar's Straight Up style (right) at home.

There's just something about getting your hair blown out that can transform your entire mood. When you have that good hair day feeling, you're more confident, can't help but glimpse in every passing mirror and generally just feel better about yourself. But for most of us, heading to the salon every morning before work just isn't affordable or practical. We chatted with two women who know a thing or two about blowouts, Drybar founder Alli Webb and Jenn Bradford, a senior stylist at DreamDry. While nothing can replace the results you'll get at one of these two salons, you can come pretty close at home by following their advice.

First, it's important to have the right products. Drybar founder Alli Webb highly suggests investing in a good hair dryer. "Most people don't know this, but it's not just about using heat to dry your hair. It's about putting minerals into your hair which actually help you have that bounce and shine," she says. Next, make sure you're using the right brush for your hair type. "If you have thin, less coarse hair, use a ceramic round brush. For coarse hair, use a boar bristle round brush," DreamDry senior stylist Jenn Bradford says.


After you wash your hair, apply a thermal protector from mid to bottom to protect your hair from the dryer's heat and to help it dry smoothly. Bradford favors Kerastase Ciment Thermique. Then, rough dry your hair with a towel until it's 75 to 80 percent dry. "This is so important because if you don't rough dry your hair, it will be sopping wet and the drying process will take forever to blow dry," says Bradford.

Next, divide your hair into three sections, one on each side and one in the middle, and clip up each section with alligator clips. Let down the sections one at a time as you blow dry. Webb's expert trick is working in very small sections, of about one to two inches. Both women recommend starting with the front and sides, since that is what people see the most. "To give your hair volume, hold the brush horizontally so it's parallel with your head and roll over your hair with the brush multiple times," Webb advises. "If you want curls, hold the brush vertically. Picture a curl and mimic that shape with the brush."

Continue this process for all the two inch subsections within the three main sections your hair is divided in. Do the back last since you'll already be in the groove of it and have the movement down. Once the hair is dry, finger-brush in a shine serum starting halfway down your hair. Webb uses The Chaser, from Drybar's product line. Last, spritz hairspray so the volume holds all day.

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